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Phillips 66® Victory® 100AW

Phillips 66® Victory® 100AW
Бренд: Phillips 66 Aviation
Модель: 1059152
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  • Phillips 66 Lubricants Phillips 66 Lubricants Phillips 66 LubricantsИстория бренда Phillips 66 Lubricants берет свое начало в 1927 году, когда рост количества заправочных станций, принадлежащих ..

In addition to being an ashless dispersant oil, Phillips 66 Victory 100AW includes an approved anti-wear (AW) additive to protect high-performance aircraft engines. It has the highest viscosity index improver number in the industry, the lowest pour point of any single-grade aviation oil on the market, and it meets the SAE J1899 specification as well as MIL-22851-D. Victory 100AW is a mineral-based, anti-wear oil approved for all opposed piston engines (whether normally aspirated, fuel injected or turbocharged) and radial aviation engines. It is pre-blended with Lycoming approved anti-scuff additive (LW-16702). This oil offers exceptional performance, most notably in superior film strength, protecting engines from piston scuffing and wear. Applications: All opposed piston engines where a single-grade oil with Lycoming additive LW-16702 pre-mixed is desired. Key Benefits: •Unprecedented single-grade protection •Contains the same ashless dispersant additive chemistry as X/C® oils •Clean engine operation, low oil consumption and low engine wear •Can be used from break-in to TBO •High viscosity index rating and low pour point properties •Victory 100AW is pre-blended with Lycoming LW-16702

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